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  Ah, gods, it does. As if they'd done this before. As if she recognized his touch and remembered the breathless way she felt at this moment.

  What was happening to her? He was right - when she set a course of action, she'd never once faltered. Yet she couldn't shoot him!

  His mouth descended on hers. Just as she was about to shove him away, he groaned, as though the mere contact of their lips brought him so much pleasure he couldn't contain it. He deepened the kiss, pressing his firm lips harder, coaxing her with his tongue to respond.

  The shock of being kissed after so long. The heat of his body over hers in the cold rain.

  Lightning struck above them, and she knew it came from her. Her bow hand unclenched, her other palm clasping the back of his neck. When she parted her lips on a gasp, he stroked her mouth with his delicious tongue while she remained still, merely taking his attentions.

  Breaking away, he stared down at her, giving her a look - a purely masculine expression of intent - that promised he was about to do wicked things to her. Oh, that look. Robbing her of thought. . .

  "Your eyes are goin' silvery," he said, his accent growing thicker. "You want me, too. " Before setting in again, he commanded, "Now kiss me back. "

  Over her long lifetime, many men had tried to seduce her, but she'd easily disregarded them. What was so different about this Lykae? It was as if he knew exactly how to tap into her need, into the wildness inside her.

  That dark part of her she feared took over and ruled her. This won't be more than a kiss. I'd never let it be more than that. . . .

  In a rush, her body flooded with desire, her breasts growing heavy. The wildness within me. Can't fight it. . .

  She was starved for this. And a bounty lay before her. Pleasure building. . . losing control. . . losing. . .

  Lost. This felt so. . . right. With a moan, she surrendered.

  The Instinct was screaming inside him. - She needs you. Aches for her male. -

  At last, she offered her lips up to his, freely, letting him in. He delved with his tongue, tasting her, drinking her in. When she kissed him back with a tentative lick, he groaned against her, squeezing her tighter to him.

  She's yielding to me. Garreth wanted to growl with pleasure. I'm bringing home my woman this night. Into my bed, into my life. Finally, after so long waiting for her.

  For. . . Lucia.

  With each shy lap of her tongue, she stoked his need. When their tongues began tangling in earnest, when they began sharing breaths, she gave a surprised moan into his mouth.

  Then it was as if a dam had burst, as if she, like him, had been waiting centuries for this night. She seemed to share his unimaginable need - or even suffer from it more keenly.

  He kissed her deeply, squeezing the flare of her hip and raising his other hand for one of her breasts. He hesitated just above her chest. But like a dream, she arched to his palm with a plaintive whimper, pressing her breast into his hand. Against her lips, he said, "Gods, you madden me, Lousha. " He cupped her generous, soft breasts, one, then the other, learning them.

  She trembled from his touch, crying out as he circled one of those stiff nipples with his thumb. When he bent down to close his mouth over one of her tight buds, she said, "What are you - "

  He suckled her through her shirt, and her words died in her throat, replaced by a moan. When she completely relinquished her bow and clutched the back of his head to hold him to her breast, the world seemed to fade away until all he knew was his mate - her scent, the sight of only her, the feel of her sensuous body. As he sucked her, he reached down, unfastening her leather quiver, tossing it away.

  Her arms laced around his neck, her moans growing more frantic, mingling with his groans as he explored her.

  But then she whispered, "Not more than this. Mac-Rieve, only this. . . "

  "Aye, only this. " For now.

  His assurance seemed to embolden her, melting any lingering resistance to him. She rolled over atop him, rocking her sex against his. He yearned to claim her, to mark her tender flesh so badly, but he'd never imagined a female in need of release like this. When she ground against his shaft, nearly robbing him of his seed, he hastily tucked her beneath him.

  Aggression ruled them both - each trying to get the upper hand, rolling over again and again.

  He was all for her riding him like a horse if she wanted - later. Right now he needed her hands pinned above her head, her thighs spread to cradle him, her eyes gazing up at his. So he shoved her beneath him, wedging his hips solidly between her legs.

  At last, she surrendered to him, but not before those little claws scored down his back. He threw back his head, roaring with satisfaction. She made him wild, frenzied for her. With each of her cries, he fell deeper under her spell. How'd I ever live without this?

  But then came a trickle of unease. Never had he been so crazed for a female. He comprehended his life would never be the same if he continued tonight. A daunting thought for any male. Yet when he gazed down at her, Garreth knew he had to have her no matter what.

  With that in mind, he reached down, using his fore claw to slice the crotch of her shorts. As he shoved the material to her waist, he clumsily fumbled his jeans to his knees.

  Her panties were black and sleek - sexy as hell. He hooked his fingers into the material, about to tear them off her, but she grabbed his wrist. "Don't!"

  "Canna wait, waited so long. . . " My cock's about to go off. He wanted it to - inside her. Needed to pump his semen deep into her womb as he marked her as his own forever.

  She shook her head, her expression growing panicked. "I can't! They. . . they stay on. "

  Confusion. - Seduce her. -

  So he bent down between her legs and kissed her through the damp silk of her panties. She gasped, but her gasp turned to a moan when he licked, nipped, and nuzzled in bliss. Once she was helplessly undulating her hips to his mouth for more, he again tried to rid her of her panties.

  "Wait!" she cried.

  With a growl, he covered her body with his own, wrapping her hair around his fist. "Lousha, I have to have you. I'll bring you pleasure, make you come till you scream. " He punctuated his words with a rock of his hips.

  When his cock rubbed over her silk-covered sex, her eyes went wide. "Oh. . . oh!"

  "You're about tae, are you no'?"

  She nodded up at him. "I think. . . . I don't know - "

  You'll know. He'd make her. He bucked against her.

  "Ah! Don't stop that! Please. . . . "


  "Yes, there! Ah, yes!" Her head thrashed on the ground. "Just don't stop!"

  "Will no'. I may come atop you - but I will no' stop. " He ground against her, struggling to hold his seed. He was on the verge, spasms already beginning in his swollen shaft, the head moist.

  Lightning struck a tree directly beside them - she didn't notice and he forgot when he saw her lost expression, her silver eyes. . . . Ah, gods, she's coming. "Yes, Lousha!" Bucking furiously, pants at his knees, he grew desperate to shove into her, to feel her clenching around him. "Come hard for me. . . . "

  She screamed, her knees falling open as she pressed those big breasts into his chest. As his hips pumped over her, she dug her claws into his back, holding him tight to her.

  Mine! Now you're mine. . . . He leaned down to her ear. "You've maddened me for you, have changed everything. " Reaching between them, clutching her panties, he rasped, "So I'm going to fuck you long and hard, beauty, because if I'm to be enslaved by you - I want to be your master as well. "

  He yanked free her silk, and the head of his cock slipped against the slick folds, soaked from her orgasm. His eyes rolled back in his head just as she screamed, "No!"

  She shoved against his chest. "No, don't!" It was as if he'd doused her with ice water, her passion evaporating in a rush. "I can't do this!"

  "The hell you say!"

  She conti