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  That had not just been his body? The bastards messing with me, tricking me.

  She rubbed her eyes, again and again, and saw . . .


  Lothaire lay on his back, head lolling at an angle to his body. His neck was cleaved through, his spine severed. . . .

  Her fingers went limp. The sword clattered to the floor.

  Knees buckling, she collapsed beside his body. I . . . killed him?

  More tears came as she threw herself over his motionless chest. No, no, no! He was invincible-nothing could take him down. Least of all her. What have I done?

  She hadnt even been close enough to reach him. How, how, how?

  Anguish replaced her rage. Even after everything, shed never meant to hurt him like this-to . . . kill him. Just because she didnt think they could live together didnt mean she hadnt felt love for him. I wasnt anywhere near him!

  "Hes not g-gone," she sobbed. "Hes not. C-cant be. " Ellie rose up, mindlessly tearing at her hair. Her blood-filled eyes darted-

  She froze. The ring. "I w-wont let him be. " She shot to her feet, sprinting for the safe. "Ill bring him b-back. "

  "You wont be doing anything," a voice said from behind her.

  Ellie whirled around. A woman with long black hair, pointed ears, and small fangs stood beside Lothaires body. Off to the side was a hulking demon, watching the scene intently.

  "Who are you?" Ellie demanded. "How did you crack the boundary?"

  "The Valkyrie about to abduct you. Inside information from a soothsayer. "

  "Try to keep me from what I aim. " Ellie snapped her fangs. "I dare you to. "

  With a speed matching Lothaires, the raven-haired female charged Ellie, her fist taking her unaware.

  Ellie spun on one foot, blood spraying from her mouth before she fell to her knees. The woman was upon her at once, binding her wrists, then shoving a blade against her throat.

  "No! Let me go!"

  "You are a former human, then? I bet that took the smug bastard down a peg. " She signaled the demon. "Deshazior, now. "

  At once the demon traced forward, gripping Ellies arm. He could teleport her out of here in an instant.

  Away from Lothaire.

  "No, dont touch me!" Ellie hissed, struggling with all her new strength, but she couldnt break the demons hold. Now pleading to the Valkyrie, she cried, "I have to get to the ring! Im beggin you! Ill bargain with it, just listen to me!" The female was immovable. To the demon, Ellie screamed, "No! Dont do this-"

  He began tracing with both the Valkyrie and her. Just before they disappeared, Ellie twisted around for one last glimpse of Lothaire.

  The vampire she had fallen in love with. I killed the man I loved.

  But Im gonna bring him back. . . .

  An instant later, the three of them appeared in front of a sprawling mansion with red-robed ghosts flying around. Lightning streaked the misty nighttime sky, shrieks sounding constantly.

  Have they taken me to a Valkyrie coven? She needed to figure out where she was, and then come up with an escape plan. Got to get back to the ring before Dorada arrives.

  As the Valkyrie hauled her toward the front entrance, Ellies mind whirred with ideas. She could force the demon at sword point to trace her back! Then she could heal Lothaire, could take them back in time if she had to.

  Get free. Find a sword. It isnt over. Her new claws bit into her palms until blood dripped. Have to escape! Lothaires lying there . . . dead.

  When the female began shoving her up the porch steps, the demon gave a teasing bow. "Until we meet again, Carafina. "

  "No!" That was her ride back! Ellie flailed against the womans unyielding hold, but hed already disappeared.

  After matter-of-factly offering a lock of her hair to the flying ghosts, this Carafina stiff-armed Ellie, sending her sailing through the front doors.

  Ellie whirled around. "Let me go, you bitch!"

  The Valkyries eyes were violet, glimmering eerily. "Im the only thing protecting you from my sisters now. "

  Inside, pointed-eared females were all over the place-gazing down from the second-floor landing, lining the walls. Though each of them was startlingly beautiful in her own way, they all had claws and fangs and moved with an otherworldly grace.

  As her captor forced Ellie deeper within, one Valkyrie said, "Were allowing a leech to walk unaccosted through Val Hall?"

  Val Hall-the Valkyrie stronghold! In Louisiana.

  Oh, God, how can I get back to New York? More useless tears spilled, but she was able to blink them away faster. It still isnt over!

  "Where did the Enemy of Old find a female vampire?" another asked. "Oh, gross, I hate it when leeches cry!"

  A third quipped, "Then why do you always make them do it on the battlefield?"

  The group laughed.

  Get back to Lothaire, get back to Lothaire. But Ellie was weakening by the moment, her mouth dry with thirst. From her tears?

  "Did that bitch just check out my neck?" a short redhead snapped. " Cause it is on if shes ogling me for food. "

  When they entered yet another room, Ellie saw even more Valkyries lining the walls. A golden-eyed one sat at the head of a long dining table-with a bat perched on her shoulder. "Welcome, Ellie Ann Peirce Daciano. Im Nix the Ever-Knowing, and Ill be your soothsayer tonight. "

  So this is the notorious Nix. "Why have I been brought here?"

  "Cara the Fair, your Valkyrie/Fury abductor for the night, plans to ransom you to Lothaire for information. You see, he took Caras twin sister-our queen, Furie-and imprisoned her. "

  Cara gave Ellie yet another shove, her violet eyes turning silver with emotion. "Your lover chained her to the bottom of the ocean so she could drown over and over till the end of time! He did this six decades ago!"

  Had flames just fanned up around Caras head?

  Nix murmured, "Easy Carafina, your wings begin to show. "

  Wings of fire? Ellie was too distraught to care. She bit out the words, "Youre too late. Hes dead. "

  "What?" Nix cried, looking genuinely upset. "I didnt see that!"

  "I-I beheaded him. " Blood bubbled up from her stomach as nausea washed over her, but she choked it back down.

  Someone along the wall murmured, "A vampiress beheaded the Enemy of Old? I cant decide if I should gut her or get her autograph. "

  Ellie whirled around with a hiss.

  Cara told Nix, "Hes not dead. His Bride left a sliver of tendon. Not a complete decapitation. Hell rise again. "

  Hope leapt in Ellies heart. "Hell . . . hell live?" Again her new claws dug into her palms.

  "Come closer, Elizabeth, and let me see for certain," Nix said. When Ellie eagerly did, the soothsayer seemed to peer inside her mind. After what felt like hours, Nix pronounced, "Lothaire is very much alive. "

  "You swear?"

  "Often. Though not as much as foul-mouthed Regin. I try not to in front of Bertil. " She petted the bat.

  "I meant-will Lothaire live?"

  "He will. "

  For some reason, she trusted this crazy Valkyrie. If Nix said he would live, then Ellie would believe. She sagged with relief.

  Cara snatched her up. "And once he heals, he will come looking for you. Until that time, youll be kept here," Cara said. "Theres no escaping Val Hall. If you try to trace from here, the wraiths will prevent you-violently. "

  Ellie was hardly listening. I didnt kill him, her mind chanted, I didnt kill him.

  Nix added, "Youll be a political prisoner of sorts. "

  Hes coming for me. Never would Ellie have expected to be so excited over the prospect.

  Then she frowned. Would Lothaire come for her? Would he forgive her? At one point in their fight, hed looked homicidal. And that had been before shed nearly decapitated him. Of course he would know that was an accident.

  She was his vampire Bride; hed have to come for her. Reassured, Ellie finally gazed around at the room.