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  "Want you naked, Bride. " In the space of one of her gasps, hed torn off all her clothes, piling them at her feet. "Take off my shirt," he rasped at her ear. "I want to feel those nipples rubbing against my chest. "

  Oh, God, so did she! With a moan, she reached for his shirt. The material seemed to fall away under her fingers.

  "The strength is intoxicating, is it not?"

  Shed ripped it to threads? Exactly how strong was she . . . ?

  Her thoughts drifted, her gaze locking on his bared chest, on her bite mark. Why had she never fully appreciated the beauty of his flesh, the smooth skin that tempted her to bite once more?

  Tempted her to sate this hunger . . .

  He made her grasp his leather belt, gazing down into her eyes. "Pull this free if you want more of me. "

  She couldnt have stopped this even if shed wanted to. Her body pulsated like a plucked guitar string.

  She barely tugged. The leather ripped in two. "Empty," she murmured, yanking at his jeans. "Hungry. " His clothes were no match for her frantic fingers, and soon he stood naked before her. "Lothaire . . . whats happening to me?"

  "Im going to take care of you. All will be well, if you trust me. " He took Elizabeths small hands, laying them against his chest. Of their own volition, her claws dug into his muscles, securing what she desired, trapping him close.

  As if Id ever leave her side.

  "Tonight youll become acquainted with your body all over again. As will I. "

  Her appearance had changed, but thankfully not too much. Though she had no tan lines, her skin was fully golden, as it had been when hed seen her at nineteen. The long mane cascading over her shoulders was even richer in color, silkier. Her irises shimmered from glowing gray to jet black, her fangs sharpening before his eyes.

  Seeing these vampiric traits in her made his own long-denied instincts rage to the fore. For weeks, hed kept himself from pinning her against anything.

  No shoving her front against the mattress as he railed into her from behind.

  No forcing her knees to her shoulders, driving more of his inches inside her.

  Now he maneuvered her back against the wall, his hand caging her throat as he kissed her ear, her cheek, her bottom lip. He licked the blood from it, tasting himself on her. "Youre infinitely more powerful now. " But compared to his age-old strength, she remained delicate to him.

  "Then you wont have to hold back?"

  Cant lie. "Ill give you everything I can. "

  At his words, her gaze locked on his neck, on the vein pulsing there.

  "You want more blood?"

  She glanced away, but not before her tongue darted to her lip.

  "Never be ashamed of your thirst. We hold it sacred. Look at me, and tell me you want more. "

  She slanted her gaze up at him. "God help me . . . I-I do. "

  "Right now, my blood flows strong to one place on my body. "

  Her eyes widened with realization.

  Before she could protest, he had them in the bed. "Lie back, then. " When she hesitantly did, he rose up on his knees beside her head. Fisting his shaft, he told her, "Sink your beautiful fangs into me here. " He could tell she wanted to, knew she could hear his blood coursing there. "Drink, Elizabeth. "

  She stared at it covetously. "But Ill hurt you. "

  He cupped the back of her head, pulling her up to him until her lips pressed against it. "Drink. "

  Take from her. Hadnt he always had that thought during sex? Tonight, he thought, Give everything to her. . . .

  With a lost moan, she covered his flesh with savoring licks, easing down to nuzzle his sac, then back to his shaft. But she wouldnt bite.

  Instead, she whispered his name, smoothing loving kisses along his length, caressing her face against it . . . cherishing him.

  He tenderly tucked her hair behind her ear, wanting her to continue doing this forever-even as he was desperate for her to bite.

  To tempt her, he ran a claw along the side of his shaft, drawing a line of blood. "Lizvetta, love . . . take!"

  Ellies gaze was transfixed by the crimson drops beading the top of Lothaires erection. A cry escaped her when her fangs dipped, seeming to swell inside her mouth.

  "I will be anything you need. " Had his accent ever been so thick? "Taste me!" His big hand covered one of her hips, his claws digging into her skin. He was more forceful with her now, more animalistic.

  Though his aggression called to her, summoning an answering wildness within her, she shook her head. "Lothaire, I cant hurt you!"

  "Do your fangs ache?"

  "Oh, God, yes!"

  "You need to sink them into flesh. My flesh. The pain will only get worse. "

  Gazing up at him for courage, she parted her lips.

  "Yes, Bride, feed. . . . "

  She darted her tongue to the stream; with the first contact, a delirious moan escaped her.

  His blood seared her, seeming to leap to her tongue, bringing that sense of homecoming, of rightness.

  At once, thirst and arousal suffused her. Unbearable.

  He hissed in a breath. "You must bite. . . . "

  Before shed even made a conscious decision, her fangs began sinking into the side of his thick erection.

  She pierced his flesh; her eyes rolled back in her head.

  "Gods, yes!" he roared, his back bowing.

  Undeniable. As Lothaires delicious blood drenched her tongue, his mighty heart thundered in her ears, a drumbeat to his groans of ecstasy. "Suck, Lizvetta, until you cant anymore. Im strong for you. "

  She did, drawing a rich, sultry rush from him. She felt as if shed waited her entire life to drink like this. With each swallow, her breasts and sex swelled, her nipples jutting wantonly. She was aflame, her body seeming to throb with each beat of her heart-or of his?

  Lothaires blood was affecting her in ways she couldnt understand. She felt more alive than ever before, but her emotions were out of control.

  One moment she thought shed cry, the next, laugh hysterically. She sucked harder.

  "Dont stop, dont release your fangs. " Easing onto his back, he rasped, "Must kiss you in turn. "

  She kept him under her bite as he maneuvered her body to his side. "Scream, Lizvetta, scream for me. " When he burrowed his head between her legs, pressing his opened mouth to her, she did scream.

  "Ah! Keep feeding," he commanded her with a lash of his tongue, "and Ill reward you. "

  Dimly, she remembered the last time hed said that. She wanted her reward, wouldnt stop her suck until he pried her away.

  He thrashed with pleasure when she kneaded her claws into his torso, drawing with greedy pulls. And then he covered her clitoris with his mouth, suckling her.

  Rapture. Never take this away from me. She sank her claws into his ass. Never want this to end.

  When he growled against her flesh, the vibrations pleasured her even more. About to come. To orgasm as she never had before.

  His blood on her tongue. His flexing muscles snared beneath her claws. His shaft in her ravenous mouth.

  She could feel his seed rising, thought she tasted it.

  And when she perceived a tiny prick of his own fang, her eyes flashed open. She toppled over the edge.

  Screaming . . . sucking deep . . . screaming more.

  He snarled against her as his semen began to pump over his torso, reaching his chest.

  The scent of seed, of sex. Of blood. Heaven.

  Even after hed come, he remained hard between her lips.

  Between harsh breaths, he grated, "Love, youre going to have to give me this back for your reward. " He cupped her face, pressing a thumb against her jaw muscle to make her release him.

  She reluctantly did, giving his shaft longing licks as he pulled it from her. Losing my mind.

  He carelessly wiped away some of his seed marking his chest, then traced between her legs. "Now that weve gotten that first frenzy out of the wa