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  "Oh-my-God!" Her hands flew to his hips.

  "Elizabeth, still. Dont you dare come yet!"

  "Too late!" She shuddered, her long hair tumbling wildly over the sheets. "Cant stop. "

  He felt her nails bite into his ass as her hips rolled up and down, sliding her sex along his shaft. As soon as he released his grip, hed spill. Cant resist this. . . .

  He spread his knees wider, shoving them against the backs of her thighs. When he thrust faster over her, her breasts bounced, her rosy nipples jutting. Too much . . .

  Gaze locked on her heavy-lidded eyes, he rasped, "You want my seed. "


  "Then watch me . . . come. " He released his cock; his back bowed as semen rushed forth. "Ah! Elizavetta!" he bellowed, pumping out onto her belly.

  As arcs lashed over her again and again, he grew thunderstruck-because she was writhing in another orgasm.

  And smiling. Her lips curled with delight.


  When he finished spending at last, he collapsed beside her with a groan, his shaft twitching against her thigh.

  Too much from her. He needed to get away from her.

  And still, he lay on his side with one arm sprawled over her breasts, his leg drawn up over hers, pulling her closer.

  Then he frowned. They fit.

  Like two puzzle pieces.

  Ellies body was humming, her skin tingling as his hoarse exhalations hit her ear.

  They lay like that as they both caught their breath. He even brushed his lips against her temple.

  Daubing a finger in his seed, she gave him a saucy grin. "Look what I made you do," she said, repeating his words.

  Just as Ellie was thinking shed made progress with him, he drew back, his face a mask of rage. "Question me again like that, and Ill make you beg for your death!" Before he vanished, he grated, "And you still dont compare to Saroya. "

  She lay stunned, eyes darting, disbelieving what had just happened. But the glaring proof pooled on her belly.

  Before, shed found it erotic to feel him come over her; now she felt sullied by it.

  Used. Ellie covered her face with her forearm, her bottom lip trembling. Not only hadnt she been good enough to sway him, hed mocked her again for trying to seduce him away from Saroya.

  Stings so bad. . . .

  She never let herself cry, not even in prison. Now she didnt know if she could stave off her tears.

  Shed just gotten off-again-with someone whod threatened her, threatened her family, repeatedly. Someone who murdered.

  Someone I hate so deeply.

  Before she could burst into tears, she felt a stirring in her chest. Saroya. I wonder what the goddess would think about his spunk all over her? If she truly did scorn all things sexual . . .

  Hell, even if she didnt.

  For the first time in her life, Ellie would let her rise without a fight. "For the buckets of blood I threw up. Have fun with this, goddess. "

  Chapter 28

  Oh, you little bitch. " Saroya rose up in bed, staring in horror at her coated belly. So close to taking fruit.

  This was why I was compelled to rise. Lothaires seed felt as if it scalded her skin, like acid upon her.

  Life in every cursed drop.

  She rushed into the bathroom of her suite, frantically wiping it away, scouring herself with a wet cloth until her skin was abraded.

  How Lamia would laugh.

  If Saroya had risen when the vampire had asked, was this what hed planned for her? Degradation? Shed known she wouldnt be able to hide her revulsion!

  Once she felt relatively clean of his marking, she assessed herself in the mirror. There were bruises on her upper arms and inner thighs. Was there blood in her mouth? Hed cut her tongue with his fangs!


  Saroyas first impulse was to recede. But clearly, Lothaire had just been serviced. If hed remained in the apartment, this would be an ideal time for her to face him. . . .

  As she began to ready herself, Saroya longed for the ages when shed had scores of attendants to bathe, clothe, and adorn her with jewels. Now she must fend for herself.

  After applying her own cosmetics, she picked through the paltry number of garments allotted her, choosing a slinky black skirt, stilettos, and a metallic halter.

  Satisfied with the results, she strode to his room, finding Lothaire at his desk, staring absently at a puzzle in his hands. Deep in thought? About what had just occurred with Elizabeth?

  All around the room was crushed debris. Had he experienced one of the rages hed spoken of? This doesnt bode well. Perhaps that was why hed used the human-to vent his rancor.

  He raised his head, casting her a sneer. Before shed said a word, the look faded. "Ah, Saroya has deigned to rise for me. "

  "Why didnt you mistake me for Elizabeth?" She and the mortal werent merely twins, they shared a body.

  Ignoring her question, he asked, "When did you wake?"

  "In time to find your . . . leavings on my belly. Elizabeth let me rise just to enjoy that. "

  He gave a half-laugh. "You deserve nothing less. I waited for you last night, but you refused to join me. "

  "And is that what you had in store for me?"

  "Depends on how good you are. I dont come like a fountain for just anyone. "

  The gall! "Then she must have been quite talented. "

  "Surprisingly so. "

  She might have felt vulnerable that Elizabeth had pleasured him so well, but she was Saroya, goddess of blood and divine death. Besides, Lothaire was bound to her.

  He could no more forsake her than the sun could keep from dawning.

  "Perhaps I would have treated my Bride differently," he said. "In any case, it should have been you bringing me pleasure. "

  Saroya examined her nails. It would never be her. Shed avoided surrendering to a male for twenty millennia.

  Only Lothaire would believe hed be the one to master me. She raised her gaze to him.

  The Enemy of Old would do well not to persist in that belief after she was turned. Otherwise, shed delight in his last pitiful thought: I believed she wanted me.

  Lothaire had expected Elizabeth to come marching into his room, upbraiding him about his exit and stinging comments.

  Was I even looking forward to it?

  Instead, Saroya faced him once more.

  He was still furious with the goddess for not showing-but he was even more so at Elizabeth for being so inconceivably sexy.

  The way shed licked his fangs . . . her throaty moans . . .

  Her passion aroused him like nothing else he could remember. Far from being disgusted by his seed marking her, shed seemed excited by it. "Look what I made you do," shed teased, nigh beguiling him.

  Dont think of her. Your Bride stands before you.

  The one who hadnt risen for him. "Tell me why you didnt meet me as promised. "

  "Elizabeth didnt let me rise. "

  Pretty little liar. Again, where was the loyalty, the trust? "If so, then shell be punished. Severely. Though I do wonder how she prevented you from it-while she slept. "

  If Saroya hadnt risen, then perhaps shed been afraid to. The goddess of blood afraid to face me? Impossible.

  "Are you any closer to the ring?" She changed the subject, and he let her, deciding to drop this, to get past his resentment.

  Ivana had told him that hed be a good and true mate to his Bride.

  No matter why Saroya had denied him, Lothaire would begin afresh

  with her.

  "No, Im no closer in my search," he said. "But I might see my targets memories the next time I dream. If not, I plan to capture his Valkyrie female to force his cooperation. " If Declan Chase lived. Lothaire would find out this eve. "As you know, theres no greater leverage than a loved one. "

  Of course, Lothaire might kill Chases female the first time she mouthed off to him. Regin the Radiant could try a fey mon