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  The last time shed spoken with her mother, thered been mutterings about the Peirce men returning to the mines. Mama had said, "Over my dead body, Ellie," then had grown embarrassed by her comment to her death-row daughter. . . .

  When Lothaire turned on his back, Ellies mouth went dry. His torso was hard as stone, with cut abs and pecs. Darker blond hair, almost golden in color, dashed the center of his chest, and a fine line of gold trailed down to his navel and lower.

  Her starving senses drank him in, almost blunting her hatred for him. Dear God, the vampire was so . . . beautiful.

  Masculine perfection. Especially with his eyes closed. I could look at him all day.

  No! Rubber band snap. He was a murderer who wanted to do her in. He was partly responsible for her imprisonment.

  Shed best not have any confusing attraction to him. In fact, she briefly considered opening the curtains to the morning sun, but decided against it. He was too fast, would just trace from the light.

  Instead, Ellie dragged herself away, planning to shower, get dressed, and mentally prepare for her next go-round with him.

  Inside her room, she locked the adjoining door between their suites from her side-as if thatd do anything to keep him out. Then she drew back the curtains to her balcony. Her lips parted.

  Late afternoon? Exhausted or not, she couldnt believe shed slept so long. In prison, shed awakened at 6 a. m. on the dot for her entire sentence.

  She headed for her bathroom, finding lavish toiletries inside. The promise of a shower with piping-hot water-and no guards eyes on her-called to her.

  Once the steaming water cascaded over her, she sighed with contentment, leisurely scrubbing her body with a scented soap.

  Yet soon her sweeping hands slowed, bathing turned to stroking. Itd been so long since shed been able to touch herself like this-fully naked and unobserved-that shed forgotten what she felt like.

  She blocked images of Lothaires chiseled torso from her mind, telling herself she was just getting reacquainted with her body.

  When she cupped one breast, a shaky breath escaped her. Damn, but she missed being caressed, missed masculine sounds of appreciation as shed touched in turn.

  Ellie had enjoyed men, had been an incurable flirt all her life. Shed fogged up so many truck cab windows that shed gotten a reputation.

  That was Ellie, the easy virgin-who was up for naughty talk, petting, grinding. As long as her jeans stayed zipped.

  But then shed been sent away, banished from flirting and laughing and touching.

  In prison, shed longed to feel the roughness of boys hands on her breasts, to hear their desperate moans in her ear. "Let me have you, Ellie. . . . Ill only put the tip in, I swear. "

  She rested her forearm on the marble shower wall as her free hand descended down her belly and lower. Since she was now bare between her legs, Ellie perceived every different sensation-water drops running along her flesh, the rasp of one of her long nails. . . .

  She was slick inside, so tempted to do more than explore. She bit her lip and glanced around, half-afraid Lothaire would trace into the room and catch her.

  What would he do?

  When hed snatched her against his body yesterday, shed felt the unyielding power of his muscles, had felt his impossibly large erection.

  Her sex clenched at the memory of that hardness.

  A spray of water misted over the graze on her neck, making her shiver. The vampire had sampled her there, had seemed to relish her taste, groaning as he took.

  For some reason, the idea of that was so . . . erotic to her-as if hed wanted her so much, he had to take a part of her into himself.

  Her breath shuddered out.

  What wouldve happened if Saroya hadnt risen? Would the vampire have cupped Ellies breasts? She remembered how theyd ached. At that moment, she couldnt have stopped him, had been in a sensual stupor from his mouth.

  Would he have trailed his kisses lower . . . and lower? She pictured those firm lips closing around one of her nipples, his blond brows drawn with pleasure as his pale hands kneaded-

  No! What was wrong with her? She detested the vampire, yet she was fantasizing about him? She dropped her hands at once, turning off the water. Leaning back against the wall, she caught her breath, getting control of her need.

  Vampires were always portrayed as hypnotically attractive in the movies. Surely he had some kind of uncanny sway over her-some supernatural quality about him.

  Although the more likely explanation was that she was simply hard-up after her long prison stay.

  After drying off, she padded to the closet, staggered anew at all the selections. She could spend hours mixing and matching. Shed never followed fashion in womens magazines because shed known she would never possess enough choices to create outfits, to have a "personal style. "

  In fact, shed vaguely resented the women who had the resources-and the time-to spend on fashion.

  Still dont have the time. Reminding herself that she had only a month at the most, she quickly chose a pair of beige slacks and a blue sweater with a low cowl neck. The outfit looked silly without shoes, so she slipped on a pair of tobacco-colored pumps.

  Would the vampire be up yet? Would they have another conversation-

  or confrontation? She wondered if the fluttery feeling in her belly was hunger. Or nerves.

  She quickly braided the crown of her hair, leaving the rest to curl past her shoulders. After debating makeup, she opted for a light sheen of lip gloss-

  A thunderous bellow sounded from his room. Followed by another, and another. Louder, louder . . .

  Then quiet.

  Chapter 16

  When Lothaire awakened, he lay in a bank of snow. Though it was surely still day in New York, the moons yellow light streamed down over him.

  Sleep-tracing. Again. Where the hell am I now? Was it to happen every time he slept?

  He darted his gaze around, recognizing his whereabouts-because it was a property he returned to often, one he now owned.

  The field where his mother had died.

  How distinctly he recalled Ivanas death and the night that followed. On a still eve just like this one, hed finally been able to rise from his snowy cocoon. . . .

  The sun had barely set when he began clawing himself out of the snow. The humans had long since gone, but Lothaire had been forced to wait in agony for twilight.

  At last he broke through the outer layer of ice and ran in search of his mother . . . hoping against hope. Then he spied all that was left of the proud Ivana-black ash against glaringly white snow.

  With a choked yell, he reached for her remains, but a slight breeze soughed, scattering her ashes across the field.

  "No, no, Mother!" Crying, frantic to touch even a fragment of her, he lunged for them-

  And he traced instead, brushing his fingertips over disintegrating ash.

  The first time hed ever been able to teleport. Shock welled. Hours earlier, that skill would have prevented Ivanas sacrifice.

  He sank to his knees, filled with a bitter hatred for himself. I failed her. Tears fell-until he perceived a presence.

  The Daci, all around him, cloaked in mist.

  His mother had told him that her family might come for him once the humans were gone. Indeed, they had.

  "Lothaire," they whispered like the wind.

  He shot to his feet, jerking around in circles. "Show yourselves!" He turned the hatred hed felt for himself outward. He heard his mothers voice in his mind: "Rely on cold reason. " But he couldnt.

  Fury burned inside him just as the sun had burned her.

  "You filthy cowards! Where were you last night? Where is Serghei?" he screamed till spittle sprayed from his lips, freezing there. "Let me see your faces!"

  "Lothaire . . . "

  He traced forward, flying into the mist with his fangs bared. Couldnt see them. Eyes wide, he realized they were the mist-and within it, so w